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Creating embeds was never easier!

We make it easier than ever to create embed messages. You can create embeds and preview them in real time!


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Why choose Embedinator?

We make it easier than ever to create embed messages. You can create embeds and preview them in real time! Everything is very self-explanatory and user friendly thanks to Discord's latest interactive buttons, slash commands, and dropdown menus. No websites needed!

No Websites Needed

Create embeds anytime, anywhere hassle-free!

Easy to use

No other bots provide advanced embed creation in the same way that we do!

No Paywall

Always have access to everything with no limits and for free.


Get the fast support you need anytime with a simple click! Simple right?


Starts the embed creation process. Creating embeds was never easier!

Usage /embed


Encounter any difficulties? Get help right away!

Usage /support
Permission @everyone


View Embedinator's overall statistics. Never miss out on the latest numbers!

Usage /stats
Permission @everyone


No, not a game of ping pong, view the network latency of Embedinator!

Usage /ping
Permission @everyone


Are you unsure what colors Embedinator supports? This command is your best friend.

Usage /colors
Permission @everyone


View someone else's avatar & easily grab the media link!

Usage /avatar size:number format:webp/png/jpg
Permission @everyone


View in-depth information about yourself, or other people

Usage /userinfo (user)
Permission @everyone


View in-depth information regarding the server!

Usage /serverinfo
Permission @everyone


Restrict the /embed command to a role only and/or set a logs channel!

Usage /config set log_channel:#channel allowed_role:@role


View an example of an embed! Each field will be labeled for reference.

Usage /reference
Permission @everyone

"Embedinator is an awesome free bot with plenty of features and solid uptime. The bot's author, ChickenDinnr, is very active and helpful in the official support Discord. We definitely recommend this bot!"

— Zeot

"The Discord embed bot has utterly transformed my existence in the digital realm. It's like having a personal virtual assistant on standby, turning my everyday messages into dazzling, eye-catching works of art. From spicing up casual conversations to revolutionizing how I present information, this bot has injected an electrifying burst of creativity into my online life, making every interaction an adventure in visual storytelling. It's safe to say, I can't imagine my Discord world without it!"

— abeishot

"Genuinely an incredible embed bot! Free to use, actually pretty easy once you figure out what does what, UNLIMITED EMBEDS AND 0 PAY WALLS! This bot is absolutely amazing and more features are coming in the future! I'm excited to see where this bot goes and I'll definitely be recommending it to others! I can't exactly say it's the best embed bot out there as there are so many but out of the ones I've used so far, this one beats the competition by a landslide! Not too advanced and not too simple, I highly recommend this bot! ^^"

— JustElios

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